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     Southland Vets is based in Northeast Arkansas. We offer mobile veterinary ultrasound services in the state of Arkansas as well as the greater Memphis Tennessee area. We also offer teleradiology services to clients in the US and Canada.

      Southland Vets provides mobile small and large animal ultrasound examinations, using state of the art equipment, at your veterinary practice. This includes fine needle aspirates and biopsies.

      In addition to our mobile services, we offer teleradiology services with a guaranteed case interpretation by an experienced radiologist.

      Register today to schedule an on-site ultrasound at your practice or to use our teleradiology services!

      Southland Vets is also proud to announce Southland Vets Partner Program. Partnering with Southland Vets will provide you and your clients professional services at significant savings.

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Mobile veterinary ultrasound and teleradiology


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Mobile ultrasound including fine needle aspirates and biopsies.

mobile veterinary ultrasound

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