P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S

Southland Vets Partner Program

Bring the benefits of being a Southland Vets Partner Practice to your veterinary practice!

When the dog was brought into the clinic, the veterinarian saw that the dog seemed uncomfortable and had trouble breathing. He ordered an immediate chest x-ray and sent the film to me for interpretation. When I looked at the film, I knew the dog was in trouble. Right at the edge of the film, I saw a needle, easy to overlook but definitely there. There was nothing wrong with the dog's lungs, but the needle was right at the point of passing into the small intestine. I immediately called the veterinarian and told him what I had found. If he scoped the dog right away and removed the needle, the dog would survive. However, if the needle moved much further, the dog would be in imminent danger of perforation of the intestine.

We could tell a lot of stories like this, and we tell this one to illustrate the importance of having a radiologist as a daily part of your practice. Now, even for very small practices or for practices that are located in isolated areas, having an on-staff radiologist is possible. That's the main benefit of the Southland Vets Partner Program.

We're all working together.
That's the secret.
Sam Walton

In addition to having a radiologist on call on your staff, becoming a Partner Practice also provides financial savings to you and your clients. Significant discounts are given to our Partner Practices for every service we perform.

Finally, to help assure your clients that they are getting the best care available for the animals they love, Southland Vets will provide an attractive framed certificate to display in your practice. The certificate will make it clear to your clients that all radiographs performed in your practice can be read by an experienced radiologist.

Of course, participation in Southland Vets Partner Program is entirely optional, and you do not have to be a Southland Vets Partner to use Southland Vets Imaging Services.

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